There are many ways to support BID–Needham. 

Gifts of all sizes allow us to continue providing world class patient-centered care in a community setting. All gifts to BID–Needham make a significant difference in the lives of others. We are so grateful for your generosity.

Learn more about the ways you can give back. Call 781-453-3007 for more information.

Please note: The information in this website is not intended to serve as legal or financial advice. When planning a specific charitable gift, the services of a legal or financial advisor should be obtained. 


BID–Needham's Annual Fund provides unrestricted dollars that can be used immediately for a wide range of needs. Gifts made to the Annual Fund allow us to invest in needed clinical services, state-of-the-art equipment, key recruitments, and to address unforeseen opportunities in the ever-changing health care environment.

BID–Needham depends on the Annual Fund to fulfill its mission of providing compassionate patient care. Your one-time, monthly, or annual contribution allows patient care to continue to function at the highest level that the community respects and deserves. 


Planned gifts are specially designed to help you meet your financial and family goals, while simultaneously fulfilling your wish to further the mission of BID–Needham. Planned gifts, such as life income gifts and bequests, can provide you with lifetime income and tax advantages and may make it possible for you to make a larger gift to BID–Needham than you originally thought possible. The right planned gift can play a valuable role in strengthening your own long-term financial plans. At the same time, your planned gift can be a simple and affordable way to leave a lasting legacy at BID–Needham. 

Planned giving options include:

  • Bequests, also known as Estate Gifts, are made by will or trust;
  • Life income gifts, such as charitable gift annuities, deferred gift annuities, and charitable remainder trusts, provide an income stream for the life or a term of years;
  • Charitable lead trusts allow you to transfer assets to your heirs with limited taxation. Substantial tax benefits can be realized from establishing a charitable lead trust;
  • Gifts of assets can include retirement plans, real estate, and life insurance;
  • Mutual fund shares can be made from your account directly to BID–Needham after writing a letter to your mutual fund holder stating the number of shares being given to the hospital, the timing of the gift, and the name of the account from which the shares are coming.

For more information on planned giving, please contact Samantha Sherman at or call 781-453-3743.


The Office of Development serves as a catalyst to develop strategic, mutually beneficial philanthropic partnerships between corporations and foundations and the BID–Needham community. The goal of these relationships is to assist corporations and foundations in fulfilling their own missions while advancing the clinical, educational, and outreach goals of the hospital. 

Each year, corporations and foundations make philanthropic gifts to advance the mission of BID–Needham through naming spaces within the hospital during capital campaigns, sponsoring our annual gala, and working with our matched gift program. 


Many local and national companies encourage generosity by matching their employees' charitable gifts. Most of these programs match gifts dollar for dollar or more, which can double or triple the amount of your gift. Through a matching gift to BID–Needham, you will also receive tax credit for the combined total of your personal gift and that of your employer. Contact your company's human resources department to find out if your employer offers a matching gifts program. Your human resources department can provide you with the appropriate matching gift forms, which you can mail to our office. 


Every year hundreds of people use our Tribute Giving Program to celebrate, honor, or memorialize loved ones, physicians, or caretakers by making gifts in their name. From tributes that mark an important occasion to memorials that perpetuate the legacy of someone who has passed away, these gifts are a significant source of support for BID–Needham.


A gift-in-kind is a voluntary contribution of goods or services that can be used to advance the mission of BID–Needham. Gifts in kind can include items donated to BID–Needham's annual gala for our live or silent auction or raffle.

Please note that contributed services cannot be counted as a gift and do not qualify as a charitable tax deduction to the donor. However, a donor of services may be able to deduct expenses incurred while performing said services. In such cases, the donor should be advised to consult with a tax accountant.

BID–Needham will enter the contribution of a gift-in-kind in its donor database and issue a receipt to the donor. The receipt will contain only a description of the contribution and will not include a statement as to the value of the contribution. It will further contain a statement as to what, if any, goods or services were given in exchange for the contribution. BID–Needham cannot issue an acknowledgement for contributions that cannot be used or readily.

The IRS has specific regulations regarding gifts-in-kind. For more information on BID–Needham's policy for accepting gifts-in-kind, call the Office of Development at 781-453-3007.