"We're a large, small bank," is how Jack McGeorge characterizes Needham Bank, the institution he joined in 1976. "And like Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital–Needham (BID Needham), we're here to serve the community."

Jack McGeorge, BID–Needham Board of Advisors, CEO and Chairman of the Board, Needham BankOver the years, Needham Bank has evolved from a small cooperative bank into a modern community bank that offers the latest technologies and products, including online and mobile banking. They are also a leading local provider of residential and commercial construction loans.

A longstanding supporter of BID Needham, Needham Bank recently made a gift to name the reception area on the first floor of the Cancer Center and Surgical Pavilion. Choosing to support the expansion was an easy decision. "BID Needham is an asset to the community and to my neighbors. It's been an integral part of our community since day one; evolving and growing over time, just as we have," says McGeorge, CEO of Needham Bank. Not only that, McGeorge has longstanding personal ties to BID Needham. "Back in the day, my wife was a charge nurse at the hospital—a job that she really enjoyed. So, I have an emotional connection to BID Needham, as well as a professional one."

"Buying local" and "banking local" are key tenets of Needham Bank. Likewise, the organization believes in supporting organizations that benefit their local constituents. "Sustaining the value that the hospital brings to the community can only be good—for us, our customers, and the community."

McGeorge sees the benefits of "going local" when it comes to health care, too. "Today's world is all about convenience. Having a world-class hospital in our community means less travel and less time out of your day—helping you maintain a more normal lifestyle while getting the treatment you need." Calling its close proximity a "comfort" and something for which he feels grateful, McGeorge feels the new Cancer Center and Surgical Pavilion will be a significant enhancement to the community.

When he's not working, McGeorge likes to spend time with his family and friends, and pursuing his favorite pastime: golf. Calling himself "the organizer," McGeorge is known for bringing together friends from all corners of the country to play golf. "You know what's good about being the organizer?" he asks with a smile. "You always get invited."