Many individuals have had a substantial impact on this hospital by representing and fundraising for BID–Needham through road races. Learn more about our Boston Marathon runners, or apply for one of our Falmouth Road Race bibs.

Click here to apply to be considered for one of BID-Needham's 2019 Boston Marathon bibs. The bib comes with a $7,500 fundraising minimum. Limited bibs are available, so apply now! Fill out the form below to apply for a Falmouth Road Race bib which comes with a $1,200 fundraising minimum. 

New Balance Falmouth Road Race

2018 was another great year for Team BID–Needham at the New Balance Falmouth Road Race! The team was impressive on the course, and raised over $22,000 to date.  Click here to meet the 2018 team - it's not too late to support our runners! 

Boston Marathon

Thank you to Dr. Peter Smulowitz, Chair of Emergency Medicine at BID-Needham, and Dara Warn, BID-Needham Gala Committee member, who both completed the 2018 Boston Marathon, raising a total of $18,421 for the hospital along the way. 

Dr. Smulowitz completed the race in 3:34:32, finishing in the top 16% of all runners. He raised $8,546, and his story was spotlighted by several media outlets. Dara Warn completed the race in 5:18:35, finishing 9,537 out of 13,381 runners in her division. She raised $9,975 along the way for BID–Needham. The runners battled some of the harshest weather conditions in the history of the race, battling a driving cold rain throughout its entirety. Congratulations and thank you for your perseverance leading up to and during this year's Boston Marathon! Your efforts will have a lasting impact on our patients. 
Click here to donate to Dr. Smulowitz, or click here to donate to Dara. 

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