Vasectomy is the most effective form of contraception (greater than 99% success rate). It is a simple office procedure and is covered by insurance. All our providers are skilled in vasectomy.   

Vasectomy Reversal

Up to 15% of men who undergo vasectomy change their minds for a variety of reasons and desire fertility again. Vasectomy reversal allows men to achieve natural pregnancy with their partners. Vasectomy reversal is not a covered benefit in Massachusetts but may represent an alternative to IVF which requires both partners to undergo extensive surgical and medical treatments. 

Vasectomy reversal is performed as a microsurgical procedure requiring advanced expertise. Patients return home the same day after surgery and semen analysis is performed two months later to determine the number of sperm restored to the semen. In experienced hands, the success rate of vasectomy reversal approaches 90 to 95% for restoring sperm to the semen, and 60 to 65% for achieving natural pregnancy within one year of surgery. 

Dr. Carrasquillo discusses vasectomy reversal: