What is a CT Scan?

The CT Scan scanner is a state of the art 64 multi-slice unit. This enables us to produce image 'slices' that are less than 1 millimeter thick allowing for detailed imaging. This multi-slice technology allows the technologist and radiologist to then take all the 'slices' and manipulate them into 2D & 3D images.

Most CT scans require an injection of an IV contrast material. This is done to better visualize vascular structures. In addition, most abdominal or pelvic CT scans require that the patient drink a thin, barium based oral contrast to better visualize the gastrointestinal tract. At BID–Needham these are available in vanilla, mocha, or berry flavors.

Our schedulers will assist with any required exam preparation needed.

The department is accredited with the American College of Radiology and the technical staff all maintain the required credentials to perform CT exams.