Welcome to the Needham Outpatient Nutrition Clinic! Our dietitians teach patients how food and nutrition affect health and well-being and how nutrition therapy can aid in managing health conditions.

Nutrition counseling is available for a variety of needs, including, but not limited to the following conditions:

• Bone and Joint Health
• Cancer
• Disordered or Emotional Eating
• Pre-Diabetes 
• Diabetes (Type 1, Type 2, and Gestational)
• Food allergies/Intolerances
• Geriatric Nutrition
• Gastrointestinal Disorders 
• Kidney Disease
• Prenatal Nutrition
• Sports Nutrition
• Weight Management
• Tube Feedings 

Please note: We strongly encourage those with a diabetes diagnosis to make an appointment at the Joslin Center for Diabetes, located in the same office space. The specialists of Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Registered Dietitians in the program can provide treatment and education for diabetes all in one clinic. Contact them at: 781-453-8525.