This letter of recommendation should be provided by a Clinical Nurse with at least two years of experience at BID–Needham or an Advanced Practice Nurse (NP or CNS) who can speak to the applicant’s practice. Below are some guidelines to assist in writing a recommendation.

The letter should reflect the following areas of practice and include specific examples of how the applicant demonstrates expertise in each of the following areas

  • Clinical Practice: Describe how the individual is proficient in clinical practice, advocates for patients, makes sound clinical decisions.
  • Evidence Based Practice: Describe how the individual uses current literature in their practice.
  • Education:Describe how the individual identifies own learning needs, takes initiative for their professional development beyond standard requirements, and attends in-services. Please include how their practice incorporates patient education.
  • Leadership: Describe how the individual models high standards of nursing practice, presents self professionally, is involved in process improvement for patient care, and precepts and mentors staff. Supports colleagues, demonstrates interdisciplinary collaboration and promotes team work.
  • Please feel free to contact Heidi Alpert x33879 or any other member of the CN III Review Board for assistance.


Examples, examples, examples!!!!!