Nurses are advanced to Clinical Nurse III based upon proficiency in clinical performance. You are eligible for advancement following a minimum of two years nursing practice experience, one year of which must be on your current unit at BIDNeedham.

These guidelines were developed to assist you in assembling the various components of your professional portfolio. The information is meant only to serve as a guide and should not stifle your own creativity in putting together your portfolio.

The quality and content of the material presented in your portfolio is what will be reviewed. Please be sure all information is typed or written legibly. It is suggested that you start your portfolio early so that there is time to obtain all of the necessary components and feedback. Applications are accepted and reviewed monthly on a rolling basis. You will be contacted by a member of the committee shortly after the monthly meeting in which your portfolio was reviewed.

You are encouraged to submit your portfolio electronically on-line to Heidi Alpert. Alternately, you may submit hard copies (2) of your portfolio to Heidi Alpert.

Required Documentation/Checklist (it is recommended that you assemble your portfolio in the following order)

  • Application for Clinical Nurse Advancement (see attached)
  • Two letters of reference written by peer colleagues (see guidelines for Letter of Recommendation)
  • Director endorsement via a narrative summary of most recent performance evaluation
  • Self-evaluation of professional performance
  • One Clinical Exemplar
  • Minimum of 3 professional goals
  • Professional Resume or Curriculum Vitae

Please be sure that your portfolio is complete prior to submission. An incomplete portfolio may impede your advancement. It is common to find a lack of reflection on what has been learned from the Clinical Exemplars. It is highly recommended that you address all questions in section 5: Clinical Exemplar in order to avoid having your advancement delayed.