About Our ICU

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital–Needham has a 7 bedded closed intensive care unit which provides state of the art, compassionate care to critically ill medical and surgical patients. Round the clock clinical care is provided by a dedicated team comprising of board-certified intensivists, critical care trained NPs, PAs, and nurses.

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Nursing Leadership
  • Christine McKee

Information for Patients and Families

At the BID Needham ICU we strive to deliver the highest standards of care to our patients. We welcome visitation of friends and family members to facilitate the healing process. To make your visit easier, find useful information below.

Communicating with the Staff

We recommend one person be designated as the spokesperson. The family spokesperson will receive and relay patient updates to other family members, friends, and neighbors. Please leave that person's name and contact information with the ICU team. The ICU staff will contact the spokesperson about any serious change in your loved one's condition.

Visiting Your Loved Ones

Find current visitation policies here.

Taking Care of Yourself

We understand this is a stressful time for you, so we highly encourage you and other family members to spend some time at home. Family members need frequent breaks to alleviate stress. It is important to take care of your own needs as well. Please provide staff with your contact information so we may contact you if needed.

Contact Us

Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital-Needham Main Number: 781-453-3000
ICU Nursing Station: 781-453-5283

ICU Staffing Report FY2021 Q3 - FY2022 Q3

QuarterAvg Daily Pt CensusAvg Daily Nurse CensusAvg Daily Nurse to Pt Ratio
Apr-Jun 23 5.12 2.97 2:1.72
Jan-Mar 23 5.77 3.04 1:1.90
Oct-Dec 22 5.63 3.53 1:1.60
Jul-Sep 22 4.96 2.61 1:1.90
Apr-Jun 22 5.01 2.95 1:1.70
Jan-Mar 22 5.723.46 1:1.65
Oct-Dec 21 5.84 3.26 1:1.79
Jul-Sep 21 5.27 3.28 1:1.61
ICU Staffing Report Historical
Quarter Avg Daily Pt CensusAvg Daily Nurse CensusAvg Daily Nurse to Pt Ratio
Apr-Jun 21 5.01 3.09 1:1.62
Jan-Mar 21 6.17 3.81 1:1.62
Oct-Dec 205.292.881:1.83
Jul-Sep 205.00 2.681:1.86
Apr-Jun 205.233.591:1.45
Jan-Mar 205.072.811:1.80
Oct-Dec 194.832.711:1.78
Jul-Sep 194.612.661:1.74
Apr-Jun 194.622.641:1.75
Jan- Mar 195.132.341:2.19
Oct-Dec 185.002.891:1.73
Jul-Sep 184.182.521:1.66
Apr-Jun 184.722.881:1.64
Jan-Mar 185.693.131:1.82
Oct-Dec 174.732.841:1.66
Jul-Sep 17 4.57 2.84 1:1.61
Apr-Jun 174.042.691:1.5
Jan-Mar 174.652.81 1:1.65
Oct-Dec 165.003.001:1.7
Jul-Sep 16 4.003.001:1.3
Apr-Jun 16 5.003.001:1.7
Jan-Mar 165.003.001:1.6