Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital–Needham has a seven-bed intensive care unit (ICU) that provides critical care to medical, surgical, and cardiac patients. Patients are under the care of a dedicated intensivist and hospitalist, along with nurses who are trained in caring for patients with complex medical needs.

Patients are often admitted to the ICU from the emergency department. They are stabilized and then transferred to a medical/surgical unit for less intensive care.

Advanced Technology

The ICU has some of the most advanced equipment available today including

  • Philips MP70 patient monitors
  • Alaris IV pumps
  • Drager ventilators
  • Medtronic defibrillators

The ICU also uses electronic nursing documentation to manage patient care.

Medical Director

Henry Koziel, MD

ICU Staffing Report FY2021 Q3

QuarterAvg Daily Pt CensusAvg Daily Nurse CensusAvg Daily Nurse to Pt Ratio
Jul-Sep 215.273.281:1.61

ICU Staffing Report Historical

Quarter Avg Daily Pt CensusAvg Daily Nurse CensusAvg Daily Nurse to Pt Ratio
Apr-Jun 215.013.091:1.62
Jan-Mar 216.173.811:1.62
Oct-Dec 205.292.881:1.83
Jul-Sep 205.00 2.681:1.86
Apr-Jun 205.233.591:1.45
Jan-Mar 205.072.811:1.80
Oct-Dec 194.832.711:1.78
Jul-Sep 194.612.661:1.74
Apr-Jun 194.622.641:1.75
Jan- Mar 195.132.341:2.19
Oct-Dec 185.002.891:1.73
Jul-Sep 184.182.521:1.66
Apr-Jun 184.722.881:1.64
Jan-Mar 185.693.131:1.82
Oct-Dec 174.732.841:1.66
Jul-Sep 17 4.57 2.84 1:1.61
Apr-Jun 174.042.691:1.5
Jan-Mar 174.652.81 1:1.65
Oct-Dec 165.003.001:1.7
Jul-Sep 16 4.003.001:1.3
Apr-Jun 16 5.003.001:1.7
Jan-Mar 165.003.001:1.6