Featuring the Latest Technology, Staffed by Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians

BID Needham's Breast Care Center is currently led by Dr. Vandana Dialani MD,FSBI.

Dr. Dialani is a fellowship trained Breast Imaging Radiologist, who has worked with BIDMC for 16 years and is an Assistant Professor at the Harvard Medical school.

The Director collaborates with a dynamic team of breast radiologists, breast surgeons, breast pathologist, medical and radiation oncologists and a dedicated team of technologists, nurse practitioners and nurse navigator, all specialized in the field of breast care.

The Needham breast center utilizes the latest technology — including 3D mammography, ultrasounds and MRI — all read by subspecialized breast imagers who also practice at BIDMC. 3D mammography is an innovative screening and diagnostic breast imaging tool that improves the early detection of breast cancer and reduces call backs. Integrated screenings and diagnostic imaging services, biopsy and surgical services including breast reconstruction, and a state-of-the art, on-site cancer center provides patients with comprehensive multidisciplinary breast care.

Designed With The Patient in Mind

The entire BreastCare Center space — from waiting rooms to patient rooms — was designed with patient input. From the time a patient is greeted at the door, we aim to provide the most convenient, private and calming environment.

While BID Needham has a long history of practicing multi-disciplinary medicine, this new space brings the entire patient care team — encompassing radiologists, technologists, nurse practitioners, breast surgeons, a nurse navigator, and a social worker — together in the same space. Expertise and teamwork, centered around the patient means a more positive experience.

Leading Experts in Breast Care

The breast imaging department is accredited with the American College of Radiology. Our mammography technical staff are all registered with specific credentials for mammography. Our breast ultrasound staff are all registered with specific training in breast ultrasound.

Following a surgical biopsy of an imaging abnormality or mass, BIDMC’s world-renowned breast pathology team reviews the pathology and discusses the results with the radiologist. The breast pathologists at BIDMC are known nationally and internationally as leaders in their field. The radiologist contacts the referring doctor with further recommendations. If a cancer diagnosis is made, the breast pathologist, along with the breast surgeon, radiation and medical oncologists, radiologist and social worker create a care plan that is individualized to the patient.

The BreastCare Center integrates seamlessly with the Beth Israel Deaconess Cancer Center and Surgical Pavilion, both of which opened in 2014. This provides patients with immediate access to care from the time of diagnosis to survivorship which can include surgery, radiation and systemic therapy. It also provides social support, physical therapy and nutrition support. The close connection to the BIDMC Cancer Center in Boston offers patients in Needham access to the latest clinical trials and research.