Comprehensive Breast Health Care

At the BreastCare Center at BID Needham, we offer comprehensive support for breast health that spans the scope of preventive medicine, diagnostics, and treatment. Whether you require routine care or you are battling a more serious condition like breast cancer, we are here to support you.

Some of the many services we offer include breast exams, mammograms, treatment for benign tumors, and treatment for breast cancer.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in delayed preventative care and screenings. Watch a news clip on the importance of annual mammograms.

What Sets Us Apart

The importance of breast health isn’t new, but the experience we’ve designed for our patients is. When you become a patient at BreastCare Center at BID-Needham, you don’t have to worry about privacy concerns or prolonged wait times. We designed our center with you in mind. You’ll receive your care in an area that’s relaxing, comfortable, and, perhaps most importantly, private. Whether you’re here for an exam or undergoing treatment, you deserve a space that’s yours.

As part of our preventive care efforts, we provide mammogram recommendations and offer state-of-the-art imaging technology through 3-D mammograms that can lead to early detection and help prevent breast cancer. In fact, mammograms can typically locate lumps in the breast 2-3 years before a health care provider can feel them. At the BreastCare Center, you’ll have easy access to your entire care team, expert evaluation, and a wide variety of diagnostic and treatment options when you need them.

The BreastCare Center collaborates with BIDMC and the Beth Israel Deaconess Cancer Center and Surgical Pavilion to offer our patients the same level of in-Boston expertise, here in a convenient community setting.

To schedule an appointment today, call 781-453-3044.