We are grateful to the many patients and visitors who have passed through our doors. Some have volunteered to share stories of their experiences at BID Needham. We have collected these stories for you and invite you to read the them as you make your decision to choose BID Needham for your care.

Julie KelleherDear Beth Israel Hospital,

My name is Katherine Kelleher and I am 10 years old. I am writing to you today to compliment Dr. Mevianne who helped me... I had to do a blood test and I really didn't want to. Dr. Mevianne helped me stop crying. She explained to me what she was going to do very kindly and sweetly. She was very patient with me and I know most people wouldn't have been. Dr. Mevianne was the BEST doctor ever! When I was done she even gave me a bouncy ball as a prize. I am very thankful for Dr. Mevianne and I think you should be too. Dr. Mevianne is a true star!

Your friend,

Katherine Kelleher

Editor’s Note: The woman referred to as Dr. Mevianne is Mevianne Pierrilus, a technician in our laboratory.


“After 40 plus years in Needham I had to use the ER at BID Needham on Saturday October 18.My experience was excellent. I have had several procedures at BID Needham –all experiences have been 5 star! My docs, Steve Cohen, Mark Haffenreffer and Rebecca Stone are all caring, capable and confident, with superb bedside manner and a credit to BID. The nursing staff –5 stars also.”

Fred Saltzberg, Patient



Jodie and Lea Gruen“I was glad we came to BID Needham because the nursing staff and the doctors are highly qualified. I didn’t need to go into Boston to get that high level of care and they were so attentive and so compassionate they took the time to really dote on my daughter Lea and that made me feel better.”

Jodie Gruen, Mother of Lea Gruen, age 9


“The entire staff could not have been more sensitive. This was a true example of excellent care, recognizing the health of the patient and the concerns of the patient’s family. Thank you for that excellence.”

Patient’s daughter


“Every possible procedure and precaution was taken during my mother’s stay at your wonderful facility. From the hospitalists to the amazing nursing staff, the care my mother was given was amazing. Not only was she treated with the utmost respect, but our family was kept informed throughout her stay.”

Children of BID−Needham patient