Fall Prevention

Even if you are independent at home, we ask that you call for assistance before getting out of bed. Unfamiliar surroundings and furnishings as well as medications that you may receive in the hospital may put you at risk for falling. If you are assessed to be at risk to fall, we will place a yellow band along with your patient ID band on your wrist. Your safety is of great importance to us so please use your call button for assistance before getting out of bed.

Medication Safety

Medications are an important part of your care and treatment at BID Needham. Our doctors, nurses and pharmacy staff work diligently to continually improve medication administration. BID Needham has many systems of checks and balances relating to medication safety.

You play an important role in these safety systems. Upon admission, you will be asked to name your allergies, to name the medications you are receiving, and to explain why you are taking them. Our staff will be checking your identification band every time medications are given to you. Your nurse will provide you with information for all new medications. You can also request to speak with one of our pharmacists for any questions related to old and new medications.

Infection Prevention: Staying Healthy in the Hospital

BID Needham is committed to providing the best practices to prevent patients from developing infections in the hospital. The most important measure to prevent infections from occurring is good hand washing. Cleaning hands before and after caring for patients is considered a standard of care here and in all healthcare institutions. We encourage you to ask your healthcare team if they washed their hands. Your visitors should also clean their hands when they enter and leave your room. You as a patient should also wash up before eating, drinking or using the toilet or bedpan.

Dispensers of alcohol-based hand sanitizers are located at the entrance to and inside each patient's room, as well as in the hallways and throughout the hospital.


For the health and safety of our patients and staff, BID Needham provides a smoke-free environment. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the hospital or on hospital property. Patients will not be permitted to leave the nursing unit to go outside and smoke. Please let your physician or nurse know if you are a smoker and you want to quit. We can help.