Clinical Practice

  • Develops solid nurse/patient relationships
  • Demonstrates the ability to care proficiently for patient populations within their unit setting
  • Works with patients, their significant others and health care team to identify goals and plans of care including transition of care
  • Makes sound decisions by analyzing and integrating all patient data and nursing principles
  • Evaluates patient care outcomes and revises plan of care as needed
  • Prioritizes needs of individual patients in relation to other unit activities
  • Advocates for patients

Evidence-Based Practice

  • Uses current literature in daily clinical practice
  • Makes clinical decisions based on documented findings


  • Identifies own learning needs
  • Takes initiative for professional development beyond standard requirements
  • Attends in-services/presentations beyond the unit specific requirements
  • Identifies patient’s learning needs
  • Utilizes appropriate patient teaching methods and teaching materials to address patient learning needs


  • Consistently models high standards of nursing practice
  • Presents self in a professional manner
  • Demonstrates accountability in one’s practice
  • Offers and accepts assistance to/from colleagues
  • Demonstrates the ability to reflect on one’s own practice
  • Demonstrates effective and professional communication
  • Identifies issues and problem solves issues to insure resolution
  • Supports colleagues, shares expertise and serves as a role model, preceptor and/or mentor
  • Promotes teamwork and a positive work environment
  • Promotes the development of collaborative relationships with peers and other health professionals through open, clear, and concise communication
  • Develops positive relationships with interdisciplinary colleagues
  • Participates in process improvement