Treatment for All Types of Breast Problems and Conditions, Both Benign and Cancerous

For many women, breast health tops their list of health concerns. The good news is only 20 percent of breast lumps are cancerous, according to and the outlook for breast cancer patients is more encouraging than ever.

We place great emphasis on the unique needs of every patient who comes to the BreastCare Center. Everyone on our team — from doctors and nurses to nurse practitioners and social workers — is highly accessible to patients and families. We are here to address all questions, fears and concerns, from assessing and treating benign breast concerns to diagnoses of breast cancer. We treat the following conditions:

Benign Breast Conditions

Our BreastCare Center team treats all benign breast concerns, including:

  • Breast lumps and thickenings
  • Abnormal mammograms
  • Breast pain
  • Breast infections
  • Nipple discharge

Breast Cancer

We work together with you, your family/caregiver and referring physician to provide initial diagnosis, treatment and second opinions if you have symptoms that may indicate breast cancer.

Waiting to find out if you have breast cancer can be an extremely difficult time period — no matter how long it takes for your results to come back. You can count on us for:

  • Expert evaluation with world-class pathologists on all surgical biopsies; their findings help guide treatment and radiologists skilled at interpreting breast image results.
  • Rapid access to our interdisciplinary team of breast specialists to communicate results, offer support and discuss next steps with patients as soon as possible.